Place Purchase Order

Purchase orders (PO) can be placed with our eCommerce software sales partner Share*It, a Digital River Subsidiary

Please mail (address is below) or fax us (+1 952 646-4552) your official order on company letterhead with a valid signature or company stamp. All POs must include the following information so that ShareIt! can process your order:

  • The product name: Daminion Team Server
  • The product ID: 300001868
  • The number of units you wish to order;
  • The name to which the product should be licensed;
  • Your company's billing address and, if applicable, a different delivery address;
  • Contact name, phone number and fax number;
  • The e-mail addresses for the order confirmation, invoice, and product delivery;
  • The currency you would like to order in (if applicable).

If this information is complete, ShareIt! customer service will be able to process your order without delay. We deliver our products immediately after receiving of ShareIt! PO notification.

More info about purchase orders

ShareIt! Customer service USA

(Language: English) share-it!
PO Box 844
Greensburg, PA 15601-0844 USA

Phone: +1 952 646-5747 (for calls from outside the U.S.) or +1 800 903-4152 (for calls within the U.S.)

Fax: +1 952 646-4552

ShareIt! Customer service Germany

(Languages: German/English/French/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese)
share-it! - element 5 AG
Vogelsanger Strasse 78
50823 Cologne, Germany

Tel.: +49.221.31088.20
Fax: +49.221.31088.29

Purchasing Problems?

Q - My purchasing department says they don't like buying products from small/foreign companies. What can I do?

Some companies or their departments often have a corporate credit card that they can use to purchase items directly rather than via purchase order. Some users have also used personal credit cards to purchase our software, and then asked us to send them proof of purchase invoices so they can claim the money back from their university as expenses. Alternatively you may ask a software re-seller in your country to purchase the software on your behalf. Contact us if you wish to purchase our software but are unsure how to in your particular country.

Q - What happens when I buy on line with a credit card?

The BuyNow buttons allow you to pay for Daminion by credit/debit card. Part of the payment process involves entering your email address. After you have completed the transaction we will email you a download link for the licensed software and a license KEY to activate the software.

Q - Where is my software?

Daminion is a digital download only - nothing is sent in the post. When you order you must supply an email address. If you haven't received an email from us containing your download link and license key within 1-2 business days, check your spam/junk email folder in case our email as been incorrectly filtered by your email system. If you still cannot find our email, contact us and we will reply directly to your email - which should be filtered correctly by your email system. If your order has been placed by a purchasing department, and they have used their own email address - the purchasing department must forward you (the end user) the email containing download and activation instructions