The multi-user photo management software for small teams

  • There are many digital photo management software programs, but... they’re all for standalone use only;
  • There are many enterprise level digital asset management solutions (DAM), but... they’re too expensive for small teams;
  • Daminion is a true multi-user digital photo and document management software for small teams and creative professionals, at an affordable price.

Special low price for small teams

From the outset, Daminion has been developed for small teams with tight budgets. The pricing scheme is simple and affordable. You pay once, with none of the endless monthly fees demanded by web-hosted solutions. Check out our pricing.

Avoid Using Standalone Photo Managers with Shared Photo Archives

Some standalone digital photo management software programs work like File-Servers, where the catalog and files are located in shared network folders. This approach can have significant drawbacks.

Control access to your content

You can protect your centralized image library from accidental “screw-ups” or malicious acts on Functionality and Document levels.

LDAP (Active Directory and Domino Server) Support

Daminion offers two authentication modes:

  • Daminion Server authentication mode
  • Windows NT (Active Directory/Domino LDAP) authentication mode

Large teams with a lot of users might take advantage of the existing Windows NT/Active Directory/Domino LDAP based authentication


Version Control

Avoid work being redone because you’ve lost your original versions! Version control means that you will never again lose a good idea because someone has overwritten your file edits. You can always easily find out who’s made what changes to your content - and why.

Why is a desktop solution better?

For large companies with multiple geographical locations, a web-based solution is an understandable choice. But, if your team is small, a desktop solution has several significant advantages:
  • Better security - all your content remains inside your firewall
  • More interaction, better performance, no web-browser limitations, and a comparable upgrade time.